I was recently told to “get over myself.” Technically, the speaker didn’t know I was listening and technically it was the plural form of yourself but technically, I’m not counting anymore. Here’s what I’m saying; it was a podcast for the general public that ended with a piece of advice from the guest. And as a person with a blog of stories strictly about herself it’s only fitting that I’d assume the speaker was talking specifically to me. Right? I’m sure the speaker intended for her advice to wade in the waters of taking myself less seriously but I’m also sure if she met me splashing around, struggling to stay afloat inside my lifejacket she would feel otherwise.

Nonetheless, “get over yourself” was the best piece of advice I needed to keep writing on this dang blog. I love writing on this blog. And evidently I love writing about myself on this blog but you see the blank in posts for quite sometime and that’s mostly because I never wanted to consider myself a person of the assumption that my life entertains others enough to constitute the printed word. The lack in posts represent me trying to figure out a way to unobtrusively write about myself, you know? I failed, of course, and then some podcaster told me (specifically) to “get over myself” and I thought Right. Who am I kidding. The four people that read this blog are definitely entertained by it and on a personal front—if I love anything other than showing off, it’s talking about myself and posting pictures to prove it which is essentially showing off for this new trend in these eye-roll of self-proclaimed introverts who I’m pretty sure are just mistaking themselves with the feeling of being consistently crabby. If you’re lucky, I’ll explain what I mean by that last sentence later.

I don’t take myself seriously so I certainly don’t need to get over that aspect…in fact I should probably take myself more seriously- a topic, if you’re double lucky, I’ll rant about later too…but I do need to get over myself in believing I was made to be humble and less self-involved because as it turns out…people like what they like…and I like me…which is not humble and certainly self-involved.

What I’m telling you is- I’m coming to terms with finding myself entertained by myself and very admittedly recognizing you should not be, but it’s okay if you are, entertained with it too.

I’m pretttttyyy sure this is all just being said as a foreword so I can go ahead and talk about myself. I’m not sure that makes it less obnoxious, though.


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