back on my self-built pedestal: aka blogging

Well, well, well. Look who’s back, back again Eminem. It’s me, Grace. Who between my 4 readers and me…is not as slim nor as shady as I’d like to be. But, as routine around here goes, that’s besides the point. On point (other than my pop culture proficiency, baes) is New Orleans. And Louisiana. And all that jazz. Which is only a play on words because like the old tale says…I do not fit in here. Helped by the fact I know next to nothing about the jazz scene which is also the entire scene if you consider that brass bands and jazz are, to me, synonymous. I’ve let my writing follow my brain which means I’ve definitely lost you fans in a head-tilted confusion. And to think, you only wanted to hear what Louisiana is like.
Soon enough.


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