Guess Who’s Back.

Look. With the river behind us and the world in front of us- the blog is back. Muahaha. And guess how I’ll now be using this blog. By posting photos of my life and romanticizing them into seemingly enviable but definitely exaggerated stardom because that’s what people who care about their Instagram followers do on blogs. Duh. The way I see it, if lesson number one in my life was “Gracie!!! Life is not like the movies!!!” and lesson number two was “Gracie!!! Life is not like the storybooks!!!” then fine. You guys are harsh. But I’m making my life the next best thing; a damn blog.*

*I know my homecoming to the blogging world seems like I’m doing it because three respectable parties are patiently awaiting the return of this very thing. But don’t flatter yourself. I’m not doing it for you. I’m only doing it for the attention.


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