UH, GUYS. Guess which sunglasses TSwift is wearing in her ‘blank space’ music video? Yeeppp. The ones that, despite multiple distractions, are still at the forefront of my mind. The Linda Farrows. Which is simply perfect. TSwift is so unapologetically herself and these glasses say “yeah ya are babyy.”
I’m on the barge again. Tonight the boys took me to get fried turkey legs and fries from this set up outside a run down cleaners. It’s all very fun and new. Walking into the area I felt whiter than my pink Patagonia pullover I purposely left back at the barge in an attempt to be cool. But the boys say it’s not about white and black. It’s about different cultures. A good amount of my journaling is learning and deciphering through my racial experiences along the river….as a white, middle class, girl…lol.
The boys also think, and are not the first nor second to suggest, I try out a different city before New Orleans. “If you slow you gonna get beat. You can do it. Just stay on ya toes.”
“Man. Don’t scare her. Let her do what she wants to do. But if you can’t understand the way someone talks you say…stop. Break that shit down for me.”
“I’ve already done that to you guys.”
“Yeah, man. She got that down.”
“Okay. But when you get there. Keep within four blocks until you fast on ya toes.”

I better stop posting like I’m texting Mitchy or something.


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