PSA: It’s all complaining below

A common response to any of my many complaints is “Gracie. Just think of how many people would rather be on the river than at their desk right now.” Okay, yes. I can accept that. But I want to let you guys know it’s not all butterflies and pelicans. For example, in the past hour the wind has taken me negative miles, I’ve peed myself and therefore my canoe because the goddamn carp keep surprising the..pee (I guess) out of me, and I encountered an alligator gar (Smaller, but no matter the size…you should look it up). And because of this, I’m convinced I’m sharing this shade-less island with a mountain lion despite the acknowledgment one would be hard put to find any relation between the two. I’ll give you one though. The same guy who was surprised I had yet to see an alligator gar was equally surprised I had yet to sight a mountain lion. You see? Related. So, while I shrivel into a sun cancered raisin waiting for this mountain lion to attack…keep in mind that at least one person would rather be punching numbers in your cube. Me. I would, you guys.**
**only today though.


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