Left you hanging on the raw pancake mix story didn’t I? Sorry. I’ve been distracted by two things that stand 6’3 with better hair than all of us on this site only wish we could grow. Boys! Not the Louisiana boys. Gave up on them. Plus these boys were chasing me…back to what I’m used to. Hahaha. I can’t type that without laughing. But really, they heard about me back at Lake Winnie. And these dirty pirates are trying to take my map! They do play pirates with me and they sing Christmas carols. And! Steve has a basketball jersey, a flat brim, and overall shorts just like me. Jason just yelled at me to “pick up your feet!” So I must be going. They aren’t too keen to get rid of me yet which is nice. It’s probably my crazy good looks, extreme wit, and the plethora of saltine crackers I stocked. I really have to go. But here are some pictures.










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