The assertion I’ll need an Allen Iverson jersey and camo, flat brim hat along with swimsuit bottoms that bear what looks to be artificial pubic hair (groomed, thank heavens?)… but not sunglasses is probably the biggest question mark I’d like to answer on the river.
I’ll post real posts later. Not good ones. Just real. Coming up: why I ate two full cups of raw pancake mix. See, WordPress recently sent me a notification that read “your blog is booming with traffic.” Why should you care? Because this means you’ll have to take my posts with a grain of salt. They are all true…just not necessarily what some of you are looking for. Feelings. Yeeelck. I can’t be sharing my feelings to the world you know. You’ll have to call for those and I still won’t promise anything past “I’m good!” for the lot of you.


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