Here’s a fun fact: I knowingly didn’t bring any sunglasses on this trip.
As a human I don’t regret it but as a human with eyes…I definitely regret it. The sunny days mark only few but my eyes are constantly burning and blurred. I know! I thought these squinters would ward off most of the sun too but this sun is tricky, what with the ability to reflect off water and stuff.
If I sleep long enough to dream, a previously reoccurring experience appears where an unknown source is blocking my eyes and I spend the entire dream struggling in perpetual fail to unblock them. On my DreamMoods app (haha! Yeah, so. What gives?) it says “to dream that your eyesight is blurred or obstructed represents difficulties and/or errors in your judgement.” Well. Even without eyesight I can see the error lies somewhere in the phrase “I’m not bringing sunglasses.”
As I always say- don’t blame the brains, blame the veins. My heart was being senseless and irrational because, as anyone who’s anyone knows, it fixated on that pair of sunglasses that still grace my phone background. I tried. I promise you I did. So much so that I stood before the attendant in Ann Taylor, wonderfully constructed sunglasses in hand, before freaking out–“I’m sorry. I won’t do it. I can’t get myself to buy these.” It’s the entire ‘I refuse to invest in something my heart doesn’t want…never settle…if I can’t get what I want I don’t want anything at all…yada, yada’ bullshit again. Over freaking sunglasses! I’m going back to settling. No, maybe I’ll try temporary settling, which I don’t know, seems awfully mean. But who am I to judge, I’m so selfish I don’t even think about my own eyes.
If this post wasn’t clear–I’m asking for your help. Settle or not settle? Not just for sunglasses, for life too.
Fun story from the fun fact: On my walk to town I saw a sign that read ‘Milk Shakes’ and I guess I felt like a milkshake because I walked over, belled inside, and ordered a milkshake. “We don’t have milkshakes.” “What! Why does your sign say you have milk shakes?” “That says milk and snacks.” No eyes, no milkshakes!!

Off topic but very serious inquiry…What do rotary clubs do besides adopt highways?


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