Chasing boys…again. Always?


I’ve had it with these Louisiana boys. They keep leaving trinkets behind and stopping at the same spots I stop. I wonder if they know I’m following them. Ranger Joe says they arrived Saturday and stayed two nights. So now I’m three days behind. Doesn’t matter. Whether I want to be them or kiss them chasing boys is still as fun as it was in first grade. Kidding. I didn’t do that then. I collected crickets and as far as I was concerned, I was a boy. Either way, this chase is simply harder than it has to be…ahem Ingrid Michaelson. Only a matter of time before they realize they need me.
By the way. Ranger Joe and his friends fed me two hot dogs, two cookies, two sausages, two cinnamon rolls, a biscuit, and a whiskey coke. But I’m also getting a tan so it balances out.

Ououo. Today’s horoscope says if I put a smile on I can get anything I want. 😀😀😀

I actually haven’t had it with these boys like I first stated; if you catch them in Brainerd or the Twin Cities…tell them I want to be the Tom Sawyer to their Huck Finn. I bring the imagination they bring the life skills.

You know the “splash” ball logo? The ones we used to play with while in the pool. Imagine my foot as the word ‘splash’ and frogs as the water drops surrounding it. Every. Single. Step.



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