Here’s a story. Just happened. Two minutes ago and I’m posting while I have service and battery. Which won’t be tomorrow….maybe.
These two boys are in their fishing boat as I’m paddling out of the reeds because I thought I was being smart taking a short cut but it turns out my short cut is synonymous with dead end. Anyway, I smile embarrassed because they watched me try and paddle through the reeds and then retreat out. BUT after I smile I notice their backs thinking—man alive those are muscly. How did two fisherman get such nicely tones backs? Seems like such a lazy activity. Obviously, I do not think this out loud but I turn back for one more up down and guess what! They are standing up fishing and fixing their pole IN THEIR UNDERWEAR. Jibber-jabbering I assume about how funny they are. Which…they are. I’m not talking boxers. Not even boxer briefs! UNDIES! Whitey-tighties that aren’t white. I wanted to toss them some salami and cheese sandwiches but I thought no. They are funny but I refuse to let them see me laugh. Even if they heard me. They sat back down now. I’m out of the reeds. I just wanted to let you know in case you’ve never seen it. Boys-men?? (The gray area) fishing in their underwear is very entertaining.
PEACE. -still need a pen name says Alex- ideas welcome for me to deny.
If I can snatch a picture I’ll post later.


One thought on “

  1. unknowndrifter

    my dream is to see boys fishing in their undies.
    even bigger dream if they were simultaneously eating salami and cheese sandwiches, made by you.
    your writing makes me smile and miss you like crazy!
    (you are also my dream grace, stay you.) xx-jenna


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