It’s hard to say exactly what the most enticing story for me to share thus far is because well, the past few days I’ve been the only human in my world defaulting each story in my brain to– equally enticing. I’m not even certain these happenings are interesting. I mean, collecting dust on my laptop at home is a post about me (duh) eating salami and cheese sandwiches in my underwear in my bed. It doesn’t take a lot of hindsight to realize my ‘interesting’ scale may be skewed.
Lucky for me, you guys aren’t so much interested in the content as you are the gesture…a reassurance that the coolest cat* is still out there doing something, but probably nothing, with her time.

*I’m the cool cat.

Today, I’ll give you some pictures while I pilfer through stories to share in my next post. Your choices:
Flossing my teeth with no mirror.
Jerry. The boy…man…(28yr old? The age of 26-30yrold males is very up in the air for the boy or man label. I’d say 50/50) I recruited on night 2 to act as my camping companion and wolf getter-awayer.
The rope swing that definitely did not have Ryan Gosling screaming at me to get in the water.
Leeches. Yuck.
A lesson learned that pistachios are strictly camping treats and not canoeing treats.
The Louisiana boys supposedly two days ahead that I must catch up to. Photos show they have bow and arrows, hunt their food, and a handle supply of Fireball. 


Okay. I don’t know why my descriptions didn’t go up for the Zara screenshots. They were for Lucy. And now I’m realizing I should have simply emailed her. ANYWAY LUCY. The leather dress–making a game and saying that’s Leandra’s next Zara purchase. Both a casual Zara highlight and leather as a fabric are due. Plus, she is bored, I can tell, and if anyone is going to do something with that ugly dress, she will.

The second was only screenshotted to make fun of the fact Zara is trying to highlight ribbed leggings with an oversized sweater. Interesting approach, I’d say. Okokok, bye.

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