Now You Know.

“Grace. No one knows what you are doing when you do that.” I disagree. I’m as positive as my blood type that all of you know exactly what I’m doing when I do that because I described the scene with a full heart immediately after you emptied that same heart by failing my impromptu challenge. The one where I imitate Tom Sawyer showing off to Becky on the bridge and entice, “if you can name this movie I’ll give you $100.” No one ever gets it. Unless they’ve been challenged before thus knowing the answer. Just like I said about you nimrods above. I’m saying things twice these days because you guys either listen as well as not listening or your memory is shot like Rumplemints. To the effin’ dark. Anyway, two things are about to go down. First, 30 seconds into this Youtube (the first 30 seconds, I don’t know what the heck the creator is trying to get across and has nothing to do with the original song in such an idiotic way) you’ll see Tom show off to Becky on the bridge. That’s it. Now you will always know what I’m doing. Okay? Okay. And more importantly, a little bit sadly, I’m retiring the best, most rational love story ever created. I’ll remember it. Just not maintain it. I re-watched/listened to it this week because I was plucking through my music for the river and I don’t know, I felt a little creepy. It’s less creepy and more darling if you just listen to the song without watching the Youtube for it but there is a lot of converting involved in that. Seeing as 1,000 of those views are probably me, I thought I might retire it with some dignity by sharing the treasure. (I was exaggerating about 1,000, by the way). Anyway, that’s that. Retiring things. The last task before leaving. Next retiree? Using the word ‘things.’ And blogging. I’m getting lazy with these posts and it’s so much easier to talk about myself in person. Or on Instagram. Actually, scratch that, I might have an idea. Dun-DUN-dun.


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