IMG_0312The moment we’ve all been waiting for! Just kidding. The moment I’ve actively been avoiding and the one you guys assumed already existed. Mostly because I told you it might have right before boasting that I was an excellent canoe-r. Well it didn’t happen and I’m not.

Today- first time out in my chosen canoe. It was the worst. I immediately got stuck, blamed it on my paddle like every sensible person out there, yelled at Jack to stop helping me like the most sensible person out there…all before finding out that I was faster paddling backwards than I was forwards. Kind of like swimming. The strategy worked well until my brother patronizingly told me the river would not be a race so I might as well learn to paddle forward. Out of spite, I paddled forward the best I had all night, streamlining it to shore. Those lily pads ain’t got NOTHIN’ on me.

That picture marked the biggest smile all night. I had to mark something. I wasn’t allowed to bring my fishing pole because this was about canoeing and not lolly-gagging like Huck Finn. And gosh. I feel like my hair hasn’t been matted down from sweat like that since I woke up in a terror(ist)(attack) this morning. Not kidding like I was above, it was actually a turn-on-the-lights-thank-god-for-my-twin-bed scary dream. Uuuuuhhh…what. Bring on the river.


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