A White T-Shirt Solution

I think this summer is going to be the summer of the white t-shirt. No, no. I am making this summer the summer of the white t-shirt. For me, not you. I mean you’re welcome to follow suit..I just wanted to make sure we’re all on the same page in that I understand I am in no position to declare “summer of’s” for anyone other than myself. Who is, really. This is happening not only because I’m enjoying this white on white, you do you, spring fling but it’s mostly because all of my money is sitting in my new bank account that’s actually a gas tank. I literally have liquid assets. Which reminds me; with all due respect to the dead, I have a bone (happenstance, no pun intended) to pick with Biggie. It woulda been nice had he explained how many problems we people with no money should expect after preaching his ‘mo money, mo problems’ wisdom because it certainly isn’t the expected none. For one, I have no money yet I still don’t have a boat, which is a problem…that could be solved with money. Fancy that, Biggie.

Bone picked.

I’m going to dress in a continuous white t-shirt character for summer. I feel like that’s a good plan to save money and engage my brain. Force it to be creative with accessories. Speaking of accessories, I should practice my condiment to mouth coordination which will also save me money from a detergent point of view. Impromptu graphic tees are kinda rad too I guess…

One last thing; I plan to bend the rules because that’s what the cool kids do so don’t be shouting from your perch in the front of the bus telling me my white button down shirt doesn’t count. Okay? Okay.


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