Spring Trend: White

This Spring, white seems to be the trend. So maybe we forgive the weather and its snow for just trying to fit in or congratulate it for diligently making white happen. You decide. But other than the ground, white is covering the online look books like white on rice…except white rice is definitely last year’s Chipotle order. And unlike those prefacing sentences, this white on white trend is refreshingly simple.

Previously, trends were pretty straight forward. Take for example, neon denim, which I realize is a trend two years past its time, ready to be cemented in history books, but I live in Minnesota where buying a Patagonia pullover is still a thing so cut me a break. You either take to the trend or you don’t. And as much as I thought it would, buying neon, animal print denim in an oxymoronic (did my italics make the ‘moron’ stand out enough? No? Well, note it) attempt to stand out while fitting in, with hopes of being alpha male of the sartorial pack, didn’t happen but rather outcasted me as a weakling for an easy kill. Was that animal insert a lame Mean Girls attempt? Probably. But my point is, trends, candidly magnetic, leave little room for successful self illustration.

Until now.

The thing with all white is that attempting the alpha male position is not an option because we’ve noticed the position doesn’t actually exist but also, and maybe more importantly, means we are no longer afraid of being the main course at a Hardee’s; aka, the bottom of the food chain(s). Was that pun worth the effort? Probably not. But the threshold reveals; white is all you. The trend pretty much breathes life into “you do you and I’ll do me,” (Dirt Nasty… such a wise human). No one yells at their neighbors in the Chipotle line for accessorizing their rice the wrong way because only doorknobs think there is a wrong way to do Chipotle. And no one will yell at their on-trend cohorts choosing to accessorize their white blouse tucked into white wide-leg pants with a fancy scarf (communicated as a Spring essential by ManRepeller) nor will they criticize me for wearing my white tank and oversized sweatpants get-up outside the realm of the Backstreet Boys return tour. You do you, I’ll do me.

The white trend proves just how confident we’ve become in developing blank canvases to embrace our own personalities through style. Creating an equal  playing field holding wondrous potential like the angelic scoop of rice at Chipotle.

When Spring ends and we must decide “is that for here to go?” We should take this trend, or at least the underlying implications, ‘to go,’ …eh?

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