Twitter Said No. And then I forgot.

Do you want to know something? Do you? Good. I can’t guarantee it will be correct information. I don’t even know if it is information. Most of the time the something to know after I ask those questions are just things I wonder about and can’t fit into 140 characters on Twitter, which not so slyly suggests I don’t share what I’m wondering at all but as I learned to ask my dad when my mom said no, I learned about blogging when Twitter said stop typing. Blogging and dads. They just don’t know better. I already forgot what I was wondering. I’m not kidding; I did. And now I’m pissed because I’ll think of what I was wondering but I wonder a lot of things so the wonder I type here may not be the original wonder. And the original wonder was so powerful it inspired a post. We’ll never know.


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