Hustlin’ Viewership

Four posts in and I’m sitting pretty with a 100% reader satisfaction rate. Full disclosure, you are my only reader. And you, in this case, is me. Still. 100%. Not bad if I do say so myself…which I did.

I’m aching for a little company though. I need to hustle some viewers this way. But first, I must deliver something to view because I certainly won’t get readers. And no, did you not see my stats? It’s not because I’m a boring blogger. It’s because you are lazy.

Let me quote a Mark Cuban quote, quoting an Aaron Spelling quote (wink emojii to the quotes)- “people take the path of least resistance.” Translation is as follows; given the predicament of boredom…most of you will turn to the TV for solace before scrolling your way through my posts because it’s less effort to watch TV than it is to read and scroll. As I said, you’re lazy. It’s vital I feed you a medium as equally interesting as the TV yet less demanding within the effort varietal in order to trick my way to greater viewership.

There truly is no other purpose to this post than to address my insecurity and make sure you know that I know (which is really me letting …me…know) I must provide pictures for ya crazy lazies if I want to be inclusive with my blog.


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