Minnesota: The Next Runway Already Built

Let’s make Minnesota our runway.  Why not? If Marc Jacobs suspends fake clouds from the ceiling of a windowless room in the ever alluring New York -even with the snow- then we presently possess a synonymous aura of the most anticipated and equally unveiled fashion show of NYFW, 2014. This eternally gloomy trap, along with the practicality induced genes gifted from our Minnesotan parents, have coerced us into a long-standing Sorel sponsored state. Maybe we should blame our Norwegian heritage or the creature in our habits but as winter lingers each day, why not persevere? Radiate a few innate liberations -strength, confidence, and personality- by working the runway already beneath us.

Not following? Don’t blame you. Let me extricate a visual to my argument… with Bradley Cooper, y’all. In a heated family debate I found myself defending my honesty after foolishly broadcasting “If Bradley Cooper asked me on a date I would say no. I could never romantically hold the hand of a 40 year-old.” After my sister confirmed that my proclamation did indeed sprout from a recent hand-holding image of Bradley and Suki Waterhouse she smugly assumed was gracing my screen…the attack on my honesty ensued. Even my dad chimed in with a confusing accessory, “Gracie, it’s Bradley Cooper, I’d hope you’d say yes.” Well, dad, I hope you google-ly knew of Bradley’s ability to speak multiple languages, his assumed ability to care for your oldest (and poorest) daughter, and of that good head on his shoulders famously representing a sober persona when making the call to not simply encourage but expect your daughter to take a date with a man twice her age.

I understand, it’s Bradley Cooper. Yet, undress the household name and he is simply a really attractive, bilingual 40 year-old, that I think most 23 year-olds wouldn’t undress outside their minds. Annoyed in my outnumbered battle, and still witlessly habituating my ‘most susceptible to peer pressure’ label, I recast my decision concluding… “If Bradley Cooper asked me on a date in Minnesota…I would most definitely say no. However, if I found myself in New York on those glorified side-walks, I assume are dirtier and significantly more beautiful than the rest, with Bradley Cooper bidding me to dinner then, duh, I’d say yes.” Did I make that more confusing or are you busy finding space on the side of my family? The point is- Why would being in New York allow me to say yes while Minnesota made me feel otherwise? Location shouldn’t be an extra influence on the decisions we want to make as humans. Even more so with style. Minnesota is not that much colder than New York and not that much snowier. The potential is there. So if I want to wear 6-inch Jeffrey Campbell’s, a coat that looks like it was intimately handed down from the 70’s and not Goodwill (which it was), and a bold lip into a suburban Starbucks at 3 o’clock on a Tuesday then damn; I should. I don’t have time, patience  being  the more honest and less pretentious word, to wait around until I find myself in New york on the welcoming end of Bradley Cooper’s charm.


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